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It's time for ME spa was build on the integrity to bring the well being of our community front and center. This sacred safe haven is a place where anyone can come connect, unwind, and rejuvinate themselves. We offer a variety of services to our clients including Reiki energy healing, BEMER microcirculation therapy sessions, holistic health practices, and much more. Our staff is very skilled and experienced, and strives to make the comfort of clients the number one priority. We are established to offer healthy, affordable holistic health alternatives to those seeking healing. It is one of our goals to grow and expand more time for ME.

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PACKAGES AVAILABLE Plan A- Single Session $25.00 Plan B- 4 Session Pack $75.00 (Must be used within 30 days from dop.) Plan C- 6 Session Pack $125.00 (Must be used within 30 days from dop.) Plan D- Unlimited Month Pack $250.00 (Must be used within 30 days from dop.) BEMER technology is easy to use. Sessions include 8 minute increments. These sessions can improve your circulation and enhance your physical well-being. Many medical practices and Clinics Implement BEMER for preventive purposes and to supplement other treatments. This technology can also help optimize athletic training and accelerate the regenerative process. The human body's circulatory system plays a crucial role in overall health and well-being. Functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen and disposal of metabolic waste. The tools used Target the circulatory system. This includes mat, b-strap, b-spot, and b-light sessions.

Autumn has handcrafted these Reiki infused gifts.The kits can be made to order as well.

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